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Comparison to competitors

Competitor Products PowerTRONIC
Fuel control
Ignition control /Optional
Load sensing method TPS | MAP Intelligent Load Sensing(Optimal TPS/MAP)
Advantage - Auto load prediction simplifies installation and tuning, using lesser inputs.
No. of inputs & outputs (Single Cylinder) 5 / 5+3
Injector,TPS, MAP, +12v, GND/Ignition as secondary module
Injector, Ignition coil, GND
Benifits= Quick and simplified Installation
Control for number of cylinders 4 Individual products for 1, 2 & 4 cylinder engines.
Benefit – Lower ECU cost for lower segment vehicles

KTM 390 Power Comparison

Stock Vs PowerTRONIC
KTM 390 Stock PowerTRONIC
Horsepower 40.25 Hp 45.02Hp
Torque 33.15Nm 36.33Nm

Yamaha R15 - Performance Comparison

Independent real-world testing carried out by 'The Times Media Group - Zigwheels'



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